We help you to create a communication and marketing ecosystem aimed at increasing your brand awareness and lead generation.

Thanks to our specialization and our ability to manage audiences, we are able to analyze the online landscape, identify the right audience, and create the most suitable content.

Brand Awareness
We support you in protecting and developing your company’s reputation and the credibility of your economic and financial strategies.

Being your target audience’s go-to choice is the result of an effective Brand Awareness strategy. A high degree of awareness facilitates your audience’s recognition and enhancement of the value of your corporate activities.

Developing and consolidating a reliable and positive brand image is fundamental to creating a sense of trust among stakeholders and institutions.

At Nirtya we support you in protecting and developing the reputation of your company and the credibility of your economic and financial strategies.

Lead generation
We help you create the strategy and take the actions you need to acquire engaged new contacts and potential clients

A targeted lead generation strategy facilitates the acquisition of a high number of active contacts that can evolve into lasting relationships.

Our team of experts will enable you to create the strategy and take the actions you need to acquire engaged new contacts and potential customers.


Content Creation
The volume, sentiment and engagement of online conversations determine the cadence, selection and development of content.

Nirtya supports your content creation strategy with results derived from our exclusive analytical methodologies

  1. Data-driven content production uses volume analysis of the online conversations that are attracting the most interest from your target, which guides a content strategy of maximum impact on your chosen audiences.On the Sustainability front, Nirtya’s Observatory identifies the most-discussed ESG topics online to develop high-impact content reaching the audiences most relevant to the client.
  2. We create a content strategy and editorial plan based on an analysis of volume, engagement and sentiment in order to maximize the content’s effectiveness on the audience, in line with our client’s objectives.


Information Delivery 

  1. Organic communication
    Newsjacking is a marketing activity aimed at exploiting the latest news or trending topic to attract attention to a brand or product.
    By exploiting a topic or a breaking news event that is generating significant traffic on the net, you can ride on a pre-existing flow of conversation and gain better visibility for your content.
    We perform this technique through Online and Social Listening, and periodically provide a list of useful links to feed into social media, newsletters, website and other tools.
  2. Advertising campaigns (topic-based planning
    Nirtya has developed an exclusive audience-building system based on semantics which uses Artificial Intelligence to link the analysis of users’ behavior to their interests.
    Audiences then become ‘topic based’: a hyper-profiling system that identifies personality traits of buyer personas whose interests guide the distribution of content through digital advertising. These tools enable us to reach a wider audience and more targeted audience for our clients’ campaigns.
  1. The ESG data lake
    A data lake has a strategic value, in that it allows you to simplify and enhance the storage, management and analysis of Big Data despite its different sources.
    Nessie was created by Neodata Group, Nirtya’s strategic partner specialized in Artificial Intelligence, which aims to combine the audience of some key brands for investors in advertising.
    Thanks to S17i®, Nessie is enriched with users’ behavioral information, and can therefore also create profiles of interests related to Sustainability, further enriching the strategic audience pool.