Nirtya, a Sanskrit word meaning movement, evolutionary leap. This word expresses our mission: to help you become an influencer in your industry by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data when you interact with your audience.
We put our digital marketing expertise at your disposal to enhance your brand’s corporate reputation. Improve the performance of your sales communication. Maximize the sharing of your sustainability policies with your stakeholders. Help you produce the most appropriate content to be disseminated in the most efficient way to your target audience.

Corporate Communication

Digital Marketing

Sustainability Communication

Design your data-driven strategy through analytics
Our ability to analyze data allows us to derive key information and insights for your business. We put our experience at your service to collect and analyze the right data, drawing indispensable intelligence about your targets, and on how to achieve maximum effectiveness in your communication.
Our technological innovation for your sustainability communications
Aligning communication with sustainability strategies
SAY ESG® is an algorithm system designed to measure sustainability by analysing business communications. We review and suggest the actions that a company can take in order to align its ESG communications with its sustainable development strategy. With this digital tool, designed and developed by Nirtya, we can evaluate a company’s communications and if necessary align them with strategy, using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a baseline, supplemented by a corporate governance assessment.