Nirtya … an ancient word that means evolutionary movement

Because every day we accompany our clients in a leap forward in content production strategy and message amplification.

Nirtya was born in January 2019, and is the first consulting firm specializing in digital corporate communications that uses Big Data to enhance strategic communications expertise by integrating the ability to produce and share content online and on social media.


Our team is made up of a wide range of professionals, including both in-house and external sector experts, who have deep experience in digital, corporate & financial communication, sustainability, consumer marketing and Big Data.


The names of our clients remain top secret, because confidentiality is a fundamental element of our consulting activity.

We work side by side with 30 clients from various sectors. Our clients are companies and industrial groups; financial institutions; service providers; and makers of consumer products. Many of our clients are public companies listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. Even when not asked to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), we are committed to ensuring that all information and data collected is never disclosed externally.

Financial services

Industry & Infrastructure


Private Equity

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